Normally revolving doors can be divided into 3 types manual, automatic, or a combination of both, but the underlying needs and requirements are likely to be the same such as effective, safe, easy and convenience for the people to use.

hotel automatic revolving door
Normally revolving door consist of a series of 3 or 4 panels which are also known as door wings or leaves. These panels are attached to a central vertical shaft around which they rotate. The whole structure is enclosed in a cylindrical structure and the panels are spaced in such a way that in normal operation the door is never really open i.e. there is no clear direct passage from the street into the building which can bypass the panels. The panels and enclosure generally incorporate glass for safety as well as aesthetic reasons.
Automatic versions have a powered central shaft and use sensors to stop and start the door in potentially unsafe situations. There is generally a speed control feature, and the doors themselves can be folded back to create a clear space through the opening for emergency situations or for moving large objects in or out of a building.
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