Our Products

Electric swing door opener kit

Easy install on different manual swing door without change door structure. Heavy duty automatic swing door mechanism for 200KG door. Safety for people use.


Automatic sliding door infrared sensor

Special designed for automatic sliding door, keep safety when enter in. Can set into ceiling directly. Avoid self-inductance effectively. With hidden-design installation(black) and exposure-installation(white).


Automatic sliding door sensor

Microwave sensor is also called automatic door radar, is popular used in the automatic door systems, For detect the pedestrian's movement. It gives signal to the control board for opening the door.


Automatic sliding glass door lock

Electric magnetic sliding door lock special design and suitable for different automatic sliding doors


Electromagnetic lock for automatic swing door

High quality electric magnetic swing door lock for wooden door, glass door, metal door, fireproof door etc.


Hermetically sealed doors

These hermetically sealed doors have been designed specifically to allow the user to control the risk of biocontamination or particle contamination in clean rooms, hospitals and other containment zones.