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This week, two customers from Turkey LCF company visited our factory for linear magnetic drive sliding door systems. They are very satisfied with our products. And will be our distributors in Turkey. When they arrived our factory, we show how our system work, how to make the system, also we teached them how to assemble. […]

With the development of science and technology, automatic door is more widely used, which among the most used in these areas is generally at the entrance of the building. Automatic doors in the choice of door type is not restricted, and to consider more the design is beautiful or not, and the momentum, we can […]

As we know the door is very important for a buliding. There are many kinds of automatic doors in the market, choosing a suitable door for a buliding is an important thing. Here I will introduce some things for you when you choose a automatic door. 1. Generally, you should choose a suitable automatic door brand. Surely, […]

Low Energy Automatic Swing Door Openers Basically, low energy closes and opens the door with reduced speed by limiting the kinetic energy produced in the moving door. This makes it more safe for disabled people and the elderly. It functions with the use of sensors, buttons or even by pushing it. With sensors, users will […]

LEADER Automatic door is one of China professional automatic sliding door manufacturer with 11 years experience. Our Automatic sliding door has more advantages as follow: 1. The microcomputer control module compact design, 110V/220V power supply, wide application, without having to configure additional transformer. 2. Drive with high efficiency, high torque, small size brushless DC motor, […]

Nowaday people is live with a variety of new technology, such as automatic swing door opener, Automatic swing door has becomed a new favor now. Many place such as shopping malls, schools, home, office buildings and hotel, etc. Just thinking when your friends or your customers come to your home or office with automatic door […]

Full glass automatic revolving door also called diamond or crystal door, because almost all of this revolving door is builded by glass. When people look at it, they will feel that all building is transparent. It is easy to form a distinct difference from other building, to a certain extent to highlight the overall architectural style. However, this automatic […]

With the improvement of people’s life and technology, we can see automatic slding doors everywhere in modern city, and automatic doors are more popular in supermarket, hotels and other public places, the use of automatic doors gives a very convenient feeling, but if people do not do good maintenance work. Sometimes the automatic sliding door may […]

Nowadays in most city we can find automatic sliding doors everywhere, shopping malls, hotels, supermarket and other public places, the use of automatic doors gives people a lot of convenient, but sometimes the automatic sliding doors may failure to work, so what’s the problems? Today we will introduce one of the malfunction of sliding door operator: the […]

Normally revolving doors can be divided into 3 types manual, automatic, or a combination of both, but the underlying needs and requirements are likely to be the same such as effective, safe, easy and convenience for the people to use. Normally revolving door consist of a series of 3 or 4 panels which are also known as […]

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