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Due to the popularity of automatic revolving door, its price on the market is also improved now. So many people have the idea of designing automatic revolving door by themselves. How to design a good automatic revolving door with choose a right size? First of all, we should have to consider the size of the activities […]

There are two automatic door sensor commonly used: microwave radar sensor and infrared sensors. The microwave radar sensor is reaction for the displacement of the object , so that the reaction speed is fast, suitable for normal place that people walking speed is normal, which is characterized that staff near the door do not want […]

Due to the quality of the installation and the using circumstance, when using the automatic sliding doors will inevitably lead to some problems. If the automatic sliding door opener is long-time lack of maintenance, it will result that hidden and small failures and problems, if not processed in time, will develope a small problem into […]

Normally automatic sliding doors are composed of these components, the mico-computer, sensor, brushless motors, automatic sliding door rail and cover, door hanger, synchronous belt, the lower part of the guidance system, the following will introduce working principle of automatic sliding door parts . 1, The mico-computer controller is the entire automatic door command center, is the core of […]

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