Nowaday people is live with a variety of new technology, such as automatic swing door opener, Automatic swing door has becomed a new favor now. Many place such as shopping malls, schools, home, office buildings and hotel, etc. Just thinking when your friends or your customers come to your home or office with automatic door design, these will give them good impression in their minds. Perfect for improving Home Accessibility for anyone with reduced mobility

automatic swing door operator

So what is automatic swing door opener

The automatic swing door is controlled by the electromechanical automatic control, DC motor drive, with spring-closing and motor closing type optional, built-in microprocessor control unit, with self-diagnosis and continuous checking function of all states of the door, The microprocessor control unit can be mounted on the wall or mounted on the door and can be opened from the inside or from the outside. The drive arm is made of stainless steel, push-pull or slide, anodized aluminum-coated plastic housing. Open or closed anti- extrusion safety device.