Residential automatic door

  • Automatic patio door opener
  • Automatic pockect door opener


Universal and easy DIY product that retrofits to your existing, free-running, residential sliding doors and windows. To enable the door or window to open and close automatically.

Residential automatic sliding door operator : Win-slider

Residential automatic sliding door operator:Win-slider is a great for better hygiene applications. From the garage into the house, or internal bedroom and bathroom sliding doors. Win-slider system will fit to most existing or new internal cavity/pocket sliding doors. The system is consists of a motor device, electronic controller, and a low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminum slim line housing. Your door is activated by the specially designed wall-mounted wireless push button switch that are installed on both sides of the door or window. (Also infrared sensors are available as an optional accessories).

Residential automatic door opener

1)Easy Installation: designed to be a universal, easy DIY product that retrofits to your existing, free-running, residential sliding doors and windows.
2)Free For Your Pets: People no longer have to run up and down the stairs just to open the doors for your dogs!
3)Soulution When Hands Are Full: It’s amazing how such a small solution can create such an ease in life when pass through with your hands are full.
4)Convenience When Entertaining: Installed easily and works well, appears to very nice designing.
5)Practical: Super quiet and powerful. More features and very versatile for integrating with access controller to home automation.

Automatic patio door opener

automatic pet door operator



Maximum Door Weight: 80KGS
Product Weight: 3.0KGS
Color: Black or White
Maximum Door Width: 1000mm with included tracks (additional width possible with purchase of Extension Rack)
Power Supply: 110-240 VAC, 24 VDC Power Pack
Safety Cut Off: Yes
Automatic to Manual Mode: Yes
Product Measurement: 490*72*63mm

Home automatic sliding door opener

Operator Package Includes
One win-slider drive system
One Aluminium cover
Two Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons
One Low voltage plug-in power pack
Two 500mm racks with assembly kit
Installation screws and Allen key
Instruction manual