Linear Magnetic Drive Automatic Sliding Door

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Linear magnetic drive automatic sliding door system forms the beginning of a new era in door automation. Best solution for automatic pockect door opener, sliding glass door operator.

Linear Magnetic Drive Automatic Sliding Door

Our magnetic door system is a sliding entrance system powered by linear magnetic drive technology (LMD) using permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Without a belt drive system and other parts associated with friction, particle production has been greatly reduced. Therefore magnetic linear sliding door operators are highly suitable in areas which are dust and noise sensitive like Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratory, Schools, Offices and Home use. Also can replace conventional automatic sliding door in Shops, Supermarkets, Factories etc.

Linear Magnetic Drive Sliding Door

Unlike traditional automatic sliding door drive unit. Linear magnetic drive system do not have pulleys, belts, arms and other mechanical elements, resulting in a very compact and stylish housing of 46.4*50.5mm. Very appropriate for indoor use.



The Magnet is fixed onto the door without contact to the electromagnetic motor.  The door is operated by attraction and repulsion between magnets, resulting in less points of contact, wear and particle production.

magnetic sliding door system

There are 1.5-2mm clearance between permanent magnet and coil

Compare with conventional automatic sliding door, our magnetic sliding door system have more function:

Activation by Hand (Push & Go) : By lightly pushing the door in the open direction for 2cm, the operator will gently and silently open. This is ideal for domestic and health care applications as shown

ada compliant automatic door

Safe & Gentle: When people or obstacle hit the door. The door will do reverse movement, to ensure safe return function.

safety door

Emergency use: In case of a power failure, the door is free to open by hand without any resistance.

ADA compliant: It provides automated barrier-free access for user convenience.

Small size: The system is significantly smaller than conventional automatic sliding door operator. Size: 46.4*50.5 (Wide*Height)

Less maintenance: Advanced magnetic drive technology considerably reduces the number of mechanical components, and so requires less maintenance than traditional automated door operators

Low noise: Without a belt drive system and other parts associated with friction, highly suitable in areas which are dust and noise sensitive.

Cellphone control: Use cellphone app open and close the sliding door. Also can be easy to set parameter on cellphone.

Door leaf weight: 20-150kg                Opening speed: 0.2-0.5m/s

Closing speed: 0.2-0.5m/s                  Full open stop time: 0-30s

Temperature: -40 ℃ – 60℃                Rated power: 120W

Manual open power: less than 10N      Standard length:2100mm

Operator size: F30(50.5*46.4mm) or F40 (62.8*47.6mm)

Model F30 (door leaf weight:20-80kg)

Model F30S (door leaf weight:40-110kg)

Model F40 (door leaf weight:40-100kg)

Model F40S (door leaf weight:50-150kg)