Automatic swing gate operator

  • Automatic swing gate operator
  • Automatic swing gate operator


They’re stylish, giving your house a veneer of luxury, and will protect your family, as well as any pets you’d like to keep safe in your yard. Suitable for slightly undulating ground.

Automatic swing gate operator

wheel type swing gate features


Automatic swing gate operator features:

Applicable to different environment: the model can automatically adjust the operation to adapt slightly undulating ground,as long as one people can drive this gate.
Adjustable opening angle:you can open the door to any angle without the limitations of the door itself.
Scientific installaion please install the gate motor in place which far away from hinge arm,due to in this case the arm is longest and with most effective force.
Scientiic self-locking structure: company have developed a newly proprietary technology for closed self locking mechinsim.which achieve driving, locking and emergency hand release in one mechanical intelligent product. then you don’t make any addition mechancial and electronic locks.
Compatibility:automatic identifiction interfce with security systems,which can work with card reader,swipe card reader,video doorbell.
The advanced controller system:with microcomputer intelligent,humane control,high stability,with adjustable function for dely self-closing door,stop automaticlly when blocked,open the doorduring the closing the door at blocked.
Friendly-using:single button to drive the operation for single/double gate.
Anvanced security:the gate motor with 24V DC voltage which are safety,energy conservation and efficient ,the gate anti-theft,tamper,anti-push after closed and locked.

Power supply:110/220V/±10%, 50/60Hz
Motor:DC 24V
Max. single-leaf weight:500kg
Max. single-leaf width: 5m
Working distance: 50m
Working speed: 10~15m/min
Working Temperature:-35℃ ~ +55℃
IP Degree:IP55

roller automatic swing gate opener installation

Choose optional accessiories:

swing gate opener optional accessories

Standard package: 2 openers, 2 remote control, 1control box, 2 limit magnets, 2 push lock.