Automatic sliding gate opener

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Soft start and slow stop. Stop and reverse in case of obstruction. Emergency release key for power failure. Overtime and overheating protection. Spring limit switch

Automatic sliding gate opener description

Automatic sliding gate opener is ideal project if the ground where the gate is to be installed is uneven and can not allow a swing gate to be installed, because the gate leaves may ground. An automatic sliding gate would also be useful in a courtyard which space is limited behind the gate.

Sliding gate operator details

automatic sliding gate opener detail

Manually release clutch: emergency open and close the gate like power failure
Copper gear motor: soft start and slow stop, for a long time working life, reduce noise and less problems
Spring limit: allowing the motor to switch off once the cycle is finished, Reliable mechanical Spring limit or Magnetic limit option.
Copper material: for a long time using




Our electric sliding gates features

*Soft start and soft stop,ensures the motor working steadily and smoothly
​*Intelligent operation: Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during door opening/closing.
*Emergency release key for power failure.
*​Movement indication – the indicator lights up when the door is moving.
*Spring limit switch, the door stops when it moves to the limit.
* Open and close limits have a self-locking function.
*Low heating, slide running, protect from water and burst.
*Adjustable Auto-Close interval
*Overtime and overheating protection
*Dc type can put transformer and back up battery inside.
*Automatic close time can be adjusted from approximately 3 to 120seconds

*Note:Can be connected with Wi-Fi, control the gate by your smartphone. Can be connected with solar power.


Automatic sliding gate opener parameter

Automatic sliding gate installation