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Elegant and modern design,smooth operation and quiet performance. Intelligent multi-CPU control system,providing easy adjustable function and high security

Automatic sliding door operator

Automatic sliding door operator are essential in areas where easy access is required. Often described as sensor doors or entrances fitted with an automatic door opener, the type of door is dependent on a number of factors: space, usage, and footfall. Security, convenience, health and safety also need to be taken into consideration when deciding which automatic sliding doors best suit your requirment.
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Max door weight (single): 1x150kgs
Max door weight (double): 2x140kgs
Door width: 700-1300mm
Opening Speed: 150-500mm/s (Adjustable)
Closing Speed: 150-450mm/s (Adjustable)
Opening time: 0-9second (Adjustable)
Voltage AC: 90-250 50Hz-60Hz
Operating temperature: -20°C-70°C

Please confirm the door type and width before order, so we will send correct automatic sliding door operator parts for you to install.

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