Automatic door main products

Automatic telescopic sliding door operators

Ideal system that presents compact solutions for wide entrances. Offer ideal solutions for application areas with corridor-type restricted sizes by sliding four wings towards single and double directions.


Automatic revolving door manufacturer

LEADER's superior design offer an imposing entrance to any building, while serving as an airlock as well, to minimize a building’s heating or air conditioning losses, therefore maximizing energy savings .


Hospital automatic hermetic door

Necessary equipments which mainly used in the clean room with airtight requirement, such as the hospital operation department, purification ward, plain ward, ICU, laboratory, lazaretto ward, purification plant, pharmaceutical industries and so on


Automatic swing gate operator

They’re stylish, giving your house a veneer of luxury, and will protect your family, as well as any pets you’d like to keep safe in your yard. Suitable for slightly undulating ground.


Automatic sliding gate opener

Soft start and slow stop. Stop and reverse in case of obstruction. Emergency release key for power failure. Overtime and overheating protection. Spring limit switch


Semi automatic sliding door

Sliding door system opened manually, and closed automatically. No need electric power. Smooth and silent operation with an adjustable closing speed.


Residential automatic door

Universal and easy DIY product that retrofits to your existing, free-running, residential sliding doors and windows. To enable the door or window to open and close automatically.


Automatic swing door opener

Easy to install on most swing door Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction Silent, reliable, low maintenance Intergrate with access control


Automatic sliding door operator

Elegant and modern design,smooth operation and quiet performance. Intelligent multi-CPU control system,providing easy adjustable function and high security