As we know the door is very important for a buliding. There are many kinds of automatic doors in the market, choosing a suitable door for a buliding is an important thing.

office building automatic revolving door
Here I will introduce some things for you when you choose a automatic door.
1. Generally, you should choose a suitable automatic door brand. Surely, expensive is good, while good may not be expensive. If you have not used the automatic doors, you’d better to choose a brand that has a professional production plant and provides a more complete automatic door service.
2. According to your own requirements, you should determine the configuration of automatic door.

Additional features:
1. Whether you need configure high-performance sensor and narrow area sensor or not;
2. Whether you need configure security auxiliary sensor or not;

3. Whether you need electronic door locks and a special manner or not;
4. Whether you need configure the fire linkage, backup power systems or not.