Low Energy Automatic Swing Door Openers
Basically, low energy closes and opens the door with reduced speed by limiting the kinetic energy produced in the moving door. This makes it more safe for disabled people and the elderly. It functions with the use of sensors, buttons or even by pushing it.

low energy automatic swing door opener

With sensors, users will be detected and then the door will be opened slowly. They will have the same speed when you close them. Also, another type is the one that requires a push of a button. A particular version of this type is the opener wherein a user would open it completely. And then, you just need to leave it until it closes slowly. This is sometimes defined as the push and go type.

The main purpose behind choosing this type is more on assuring the safety and security of the users. Since the door will open and close slowly, users are not likely to get injured. This makes it a safer option for the facilities where elderly, injured and physically challenged individuals pass by. These facilities are those located in the hospitals, groceries, schools and more.

Full Energy Automatic Swing Door Openers
Full energy opens and closes the door at a full speed. It means that once people are detected by the sensors, it will open immediately. And once people pass through it and the sensors no longer detect them, it will close immediately. It can also be used in busy offices where people may not have their extra hand in opening or closing the door. This is especially when people are carrying their important items in both hands.

Now, there are many different brands of automatic swing door opener, the quality also different, so you need choose a professional company for your swing door operator.