Nowadays in most city we can find automatic sliding doors everywhere, shopping malls, hotels, supermarket and other public places, the use of automatic doors gives people a lot of convenient, but sometimes the automatic sliding doors may failure to work, so what’s the problems? Today we will introduce one of the malfunction of sliding door operator: the sliding door can not open or close correctly.

Automatic sliding door can not open and clsose

(1) First of all check that if there is power supply to the operator, if it is due to power reasons, connect the power.
(2) To check whether if the movable doors leaf have mopping the ground, if this happen, the door will be very difficult to open, the main controller will be considered to have barriers to self-locking protection, so that doors stop movement;
(3) Check the door of the transmission part of the wheel is falling off from the track, if this happen, the door will not work.
(4) To check whether the automatic door sensor installed “safety beam”, because the safety light on the light-receiving device can cause misuse of the cover, the automatic door control mistakenly believe that the object in the middle of the door, thus the door don’t close.

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